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The name is veri – like a Parisian pronouncing very. Timeless yet playful apparel and accessories. All imagined in bed, on the street or at an art show. Montreal-based craftmanship. Made with love, for everyone.

Veri is a line of clothing and accessories for the human, genderless and seasonless. Always made in Montreal, combining art, design and craftmanship. By respecting its own ethical values and speaking to the next conscious generation, it offers products that are part of change.


Normalize gender-neutral clothing (We think we are all human and equal and that the gender label on a garment is irrelevant. We want Veri to be worn with as much freedom as we had in creating it.)

Redefine the concept of season in fashion (We believe that a garment should not be out of date at the end of a season. This is why we offer concise and refined collections that can be worn all year round.)

Promote local fashion and its ethical values (We wish to actively participate in the change of mentality with regard to the consumption of responsible fashion products.)