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To embody who you truly are

Getting dressed is an important act and we believe garments represents a powerful tool to help one embody their true identity, outside of gender norms.


Normalize gender-neutral clothing

By creating clothing made for humans, without gender labels, so that Veri can be worn with as much freedom as we had when creating it.

Redefine the concept of season in fashion

By offering concise and refined collections that can be worn (almost) year round.

Promote local fashion

By inciting a change of mentality regarding the consumption of fashion products and by demonstrating that it is possible to produce quality clothing, here and now.

Our Values

Genderless design

Designing with a genderless mindset frees us from the rigid gender binary that reigns over the fashion industry, and pushes us to create garments for all, no matter the gender, body or age.


Thinking about an item’s life cycle, and how it will insert itself in one’s wardrobe is one of the most crucial step in our design process, meaning we strive to craft pieces that will stand the test of time.

Local confection

Making our clothes locally means we can ensure the quality-control for every step of our production. The cherry on top? Should you need us to, we will alter or mend your beloved items.

Size inclusivity

Creating our own patterns allows us to expand our size-range with every passing season. We are proud to offer garments that range from XS to 3XL. Something not in your size? We'll make it for you!

Quality fabrics

By selecting our fabrics to be natural or deadstock, we make sure to pick textiles that are as durable as they are comfortable, without ever compromising on style!

About the designer

With a degree in fashion design and fashion management, Catherine Veri quickly carved out a place for herself in the Montréal fashion industry, working as an assistant designer, local production manager or pattern maker and seamstress on film and television sets.

After several years of exploring both her identity and personal style, Catherine decided to catalyze her dissatisfaction with gendered products offered in stores into a creative project. Veri was born in 2018; the brand being one of the first in the Montréal landscape to offer gender-neutral clothing, designed and made locally.

Each capsule offers durable and stylish products, created for their versatility. By eliminating the gender label, the garments allow you to embody who you truly are.