A word from Fanny-Jane about our collaboration

"... I wanted to listen to the body lines that draw us. That's why illustrations are placed, like my tattoos, in unusual places. This approach always comes to me instinctively, to emphasize our curves, folds and movements.

Instead of seeing these t-shirts as an opportunity to affix a stamp, I have opted for discreet images that unfold after the movements of the wearer. "

  • Photographer ― Maxyme G. Delisle
  • Assistant photographer ― Renaud Lafrenière
  • MUAH ― Audrey Cousineau
  • AD ― Catherine Veri, Fanny-Jane, Jessica Chabot
  • Stylism ― Jessica Chabot
  • Models ― Zaïna, Hamza, Marion, Sagal, Catherine, Nader et Fanny-Jane.